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Brand Extension (UK) Ltd work with major energy providers and we can access ECO. We can access (ECO) Energy Companies Obligation Funding to cover a wide range of energy saving installations for eligible householders.

Brand Extension (UK) Ltd specialise in project management and delivery we can help householders and organisations identify properties and residents that qualify for ECO funding. We will manage the whole process from survey to installation.

The company currently employs approximately 93 operatives, & we have a employment plan designed to grow the business thus enabling us to meet the growing demand that will inevitably follow the launch of these energy saving initiatives to the general public, thus is our appetite to ensure we meet the anticipated growth in the public sector.

We are currently trading across the South of England covering the following geographical areas:

We also cover sections of Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset and Surrey. We also now have approved plans to open 22 offices across the uk. At present the Energy Measures of which we are currently undertaking are as follows:

As an area of continued Investment & growth we are now looking into the Microgeneration Measures of Energy Saving and will also be looking into carrying this work out in the near future.